Career Guidance

Students have access to many resources to help them on their way to finding a career that they are suited to and would enjoy.


JobJump is an online resource that supports students career development:


  1. Go to and in the "school" box type in "j.j" and the schools full name will appear.
  2. Provide your email address that you check most often into the "email address" box and remember that you can access this web site until Year 13 (one year after finishing Year 12) only if you use your personal email not your school one.
  3. The first time you register you will be asked for a "one off" password that you will never need again which is; jjc

Myfuture, is another great online resource that supports students career development:


  1. Log in or sign up to myfuture at
  2. Select Account details from the menu in the top-right corner.
  3. Select the Activate your school account button under School account activation. Note that the email field must include the student's school-issued email address to activate the school account.
  4. myfuture will send the student an email asking her/him to confirm their email address. The student should open her/his email inbox and select the link.

Get the Life you Love: To Find out more about Career Development, to "Get the Life you Love", Click Here