Creative and Performing Arts

The study of the creative and performing arts gives students an opportunity to display creativity and flair. Innovative programs and the deployment of specialised teaching strategies ensures all students have the opportunity to excel in the creative and performing arts.

Students  experience  a wide variety of art making techniques from traditional to computer based.  All  students  engage in literacy skills needs to articulate and express themselves within the industry and traditional art-making world.

Students experience drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture and computer graphics design.

Students art is displayed around the school, at The Graphic Arts Club and Westfield Eastgardens during Education Week.

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Learning Expectations

Homework Policy

Stage 4 Content

Stage 5 Content

Stage 6 Content


The Staff

Head Teacher:   Ms M Hallahan


Ms L Hambly - Visual Art, Photography

Ms E. Christofi - Visual Art, Photography

Mr T. Fienberg - Music

Mr L. Chapman - Music