Visual Arts

In accordance with the Stage 4 syllabus, assessment is divided into 70% Art Making and 30% Art Criticism and History.


Year 7

Term 1

‘Me, Myself & I' – An Exploration of Portraiture

Students investigate the practice of portraiture throughout Art history.

Students also participate in illustrative activities in conjunction with introspective self-analysis in order to develop personal understanding and symbolism, in order to create a meaningful and realistic self-portrait.


Term 2 – 3

‘The Journey' – An Investigation of Aboriginal Art

Students investigate Aboriginal Art in historical and contemporary contexts.

Students engage with and appreciate Aboriginal Australian art, considering the importance of symbolism. This unit aims to foster an awareness of cultural sustainability. Students develop skills in design and printmaking.


Term 3 - 4

‘Organic Organisms' – Ceramics

Students research a range of ceramic and sculptural artists in order to develop a successful 3D animal themed sculpture. Students will participate in learning activities which will allow students to develop their literacy, along with symbolic understanding and their visual and tangible applicative abilities. 


This unit will provide students with an understanding of not only the utilisation of ceramic art work throughout history, but across several cultures and a range of subject matter.


Year 8

Term 1

‘Colour My World' – Exploring the movement of Fauvism

Students gain insight and understanding into the historical movement of Fauvism. In this context,they learn about the artist Matisse. Students learn the basic principles of colour theory and develop skills in the practice of acrylic painting on canvas.


Term 2 – 3

‘15 Minutes!'– Exploring the movement of Pop Art

Students research a range of Pop artists to inspire their own artmaking, where they gain new skills in painting, ceramics and digital imaging. Students draw inspiration from the artmaking practice of Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenberg. Students investigate these artists and their artworks through the four frames: subjective, cultural, structural and postmodern.


Term 3 - 4

Is it Real?  - Exploring the movement of Surrealism

Students explore the movement ‘Surrealism', gaining knowledge and sourcing inspiration from Surrealist artists. Students experiment with acrylic painting and digital imaging, exploring the difference between Surrealism in its modernist context and the ways it pervades the advertising world today. Students learn about the conceptual framework and use this framework to investigate artists and designers.