Photographic and Digital Media

In Stage 5, the Visual Arts faculty offers electives in Photographic and Digital Media and Visual Arts. Both courses include a range of theoretical and practical learning experiences. In accordance with the Stage 5 syllabus, assessment is divided into 60% Art Making and 40% Art Criticism and History.


Year 9

Term 1

‘It's Elemental' – Digital Photography & The Elements of Design

Students undertake investigation through the Structural Frame, in particular theelements and principles of design. Students are introduced to the digital camera and its functions, in particular shooting in macro. Students learn about the history of photographic processes and discuss ethical, conceptual and practical applications of photography.


Term 2

‘Dreamers' – Camera-less Photographic Processes

Students study Surrealism and its influence on photography during Modernism. Students examine a range of artists working with camera-less photography and learn traditional processes including photograms and cyanotypes. Students are introduced to the darkroom and learn WHS procedures.


Term 3

Staged' – Digital Imaging

Students engage with digital imaging and green screen technology to create constructed scenes, reinterpreting and appropriating historical paintings through photography. Students question the traditional conventions of portraiture and recontextualise meaning through ‘staged' compositions. Students learn basic Photoshop editing skills and draw inspiration from a range of contemporary photographers. Students have the opportunity this term to be engaged with the curation process for the annual exhibition.


Term 4

‘A Moment in Time' - Exploring Urban Photography

Students explore urban photography using analogue and digital processes. Students integrate digital and video technology, experimenting with stop motion to capture and reinterpret street scenes. Students study a range of fashion and urban photographers working in major world cities including New York. Students learn about the conceptual framework and apply this to investigation in critical and historical study.


Year 10

Term 1

‘PoMo Photo': An Investigation of Post Modernism in Photography

Students will explore Post Modernism and how this movement has presented in the field of photography and video art. Students will engage in practical activities which will require them to utilise both their digital photographic and editing skills in order to create photographic works that encompass and reflect the primary conventions of contemporary and Post Modern art.

Students will also research and analyse the work of several artists, such as Gregory Crewdson, Yasumasa Morimura and Cindy Sherman, which will also give students the opportunity to extend upon and develop their knowledge of both the conceptual and contextual intricacies of this movement.


Term 2-3

‘A Beautiful Blur': Impressionism and Photography

Students will undertake an investigation of the Impressionist Art movement and the historical interplay between this and the photographic field.

Students will participate in new methods of photography and the study of movement in still images and how this development within the field of Visual Arts has made its way into the field of still photography.


Term 3-4

‘The Absolute Horror….': Horror in the Cinema

Students will participate in the production of a short film that will combine their knowledge of digital photography and develop their skills in video creation and production through the development of a horror movie.

Students will research the horror genre, starting in the literary field and tracing through to contemporary representations of such, primarily in the cinematic field.  Students will create a storyline and characters collaboratively, giving individual students the opportunity to take on roles within the films production ranging from lighting crew, to acting, to videographer, makeup and sound design.