Visual Arts

In accordance with the Stage 5 syllabus, assessment is divided into 60% Art Making and 40% Art Criticism and History.


Year 9

Term 1

‘Fragmenting Reality': An Exploration of Cubism

Students gain an understanding and awareness of the art movement Cubism, and the artmaking practice of artists such as Picasso, Braque, Gris, Klee and Leger. Students create multi-media compositions, collage and drawings that show multiple views of various objects – fracturing the planes in the manner of the cubists.


Term 2 – 3

‘Walking the Line': Drawing and the Everyday

Students extend upon their experience of working within Cubist ideals in Term 1, through undertaking further analysis and application of the concept and practice of Abstraction in Visual Arts.


Students will develop their illustrative skills along with their knowledge of contemporary artists who practice within the Abstract realm, through practical and theoretical investigations that illuminate drawing as an almost limitless creative form, both materialistically and conceptually.


Term 3 – 4

‘Beached!': An Investigation of Surf, Sea and Culture.

Students will utilise their newly gained understanding of 2D art and drawing, by investigation the medium of painting. Students will explore the range of practical and technical possibilities that painting offers, looking specifically to their local environment for creative impetus. Students will delve into the concept of art as a reaction to and expression of place, along with analysing and identifying symbolic threads, whilst constructing new and personal associated iconography.


Year 10


Term 1

‘Mix It Up' – An Exploration of Art, Text & Assemblage

Students investigate the intersection between art, text and the found object in historical and contemporary contexts. Students develop new skills in assemblage sculpture and drawing. This unit aims to strengthen visual and written literacy through a focus on typography and the written word. Students integrate creative writing and place geography through drawings and artworks inspired by ‘maps'.


Term 2 – 3

‘Art in the Streets' – An Exploration of Urban & Public Art

Students investigate public and urban artforms and gain understanding into the postmodern condition and the ways contemporary artforms challenge the mainstream. Students strengthen art critical and historical writing skills and develop an appreciation for artforms that exist outside the gallery sphere, considering how the role of the ‘audience' has changed over time.


Term 3 – 4

‘Mapping the Modern' – An Exploration of Modernism

Students investigate a range of art movements throughout ‘modernism', including Impressionism, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, &  Abstract Expressionism. Students learn the characteristics of these periods in art history and critique the conditions that influence change across time along with significant artists and their artmaking practice. Students create their own artwork in response to artists studied.