In Stage 6 three music courses are available for study: Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension. At JJ Cahill the majority of students select Music 1, as it provides the most flexibility for students to customise a program that suits their skillset. Students learn about the concepts of music through the learning experiences of aural, musicology, performance and composition. In both the Preliminary and HSC courses, students complete assessments in each learning experience. For the externally assessed component of the course students complete an aural test and mandatory performance before choosing between the elective options of performance, composition and musicology.


The following topics are available for study:

  • Australian music
  • Baroque music
  • Jazz
  • Medieval music
  • Methods of notating music
  • Music and religion
  • Music and the related arts
  • Music for large ensembles
  • Music for radio, film, television and multimedia
  • Music for small ensembles
  • Music in education
  • Music of a culture (Preliminary course)
  • Music of a culture (HSC course)
  • Music of the 18th century
  • Music of the 19th century
  • Music of the 20th and 21st centuries
  • Popular music
  • Renaissance music
  • Rock music
  • Technology and its influence on music
  • Theatre music
  • An instrument and its repertoire