Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Stage 6

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging, a non-ATAR course, is available for study in Stage 6. This is assessed internally.


Year 11

Term 1

Photography and the Visual Elements….'

Students will be participating in digital photography throughout this unit, focussing on establishing good compositional and technical practices, in order to extend their skills throughout the duration of the course.

Students will research photography, not only from the practical aspect, but also look at the field through an historical lens, to fully contextualise the development technologically along with investigating the social and cultural impact that the invention of photography has had globally and across numerous vocational and creative fields.


Term 2

'Digi Pop': Digital Imaging in Pop Art

 Students will investigate the movement of Pop Art, along with the conventions that can be applied to contemporary digital photographic practice and artworks.

 Students will look at the work of such artists and photographers as Stephen Kroninger, Richard Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein, and will analyse their work in regards to their practice historically along with taking practical and conceptual impetus from such in order to create their own digital photographic and digitally created and manipulated works.


Term 3

'Visual Sound': An investigation of sound, abstraction and visualisation.

Students will particate in the production of short films that will involve the analysis of the work of contemporary video artists such as, Josh Azzarella, Rollin Leonard, Jennifer Juniper Stratford and EyeBodega. Students will look at Abstract Art, specifically as presented in 4D artworks, along with the historical context of such.


Students will research the relationship between what is heard and what is seen in cinematic art works, utilising the knowledge gained to create their own abstract soundscape for a short film, which they will also produce to accompany their sound.