Homework and Assessment Policy

Homework Policy


In both English and LOTE, homework is considered to be an important learning tool that helps students to practise skills and reinforce content learned in the class room. Students will be given a range of tasks to complete at home. These may include:

·          Project and/or Assignment work;

·          Completion of unfinished work from class;

·          Reading of texts;

·          Regular Grammar, Language and Vocabulary tasks

If a student does not complete homework they will be placed on a detention to catch up on the work they have not done. Failure to attend detention will involve the student in the school's discipline program.


Assessment Information - Stage 4

Assessment tasks build upon content and skills acquired in class and allow students to develop their ability to research and present information on specific topics.

Students are encouraged to use a variety of research tools, as well as information from various sources to develop their own opinions.

Each term's major Unit of Work will include at least one assessment task.  Tasks may include:

·          Researching a topic and creating an argument based on this

·          Formal and Informal writing

·          Text Type-based tasks (eg writing newspaper articles)

·          Creative and imaginative writing

·          Speaking and Listening activities

·          Representation tasks, where students express their ideas through visual expression

·          Dramatic performances

*Please note, the information contained on these pages is subject to change. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the content is updated and correct we recommend you consult the Head Teacher of each faculty to ensure up to date and accurate information.