As part of Human Society and its Environment students in Years 7-10 undertake the mandatory study of History and Geography.


History has been designed to provide students with an understanding of World history from ancient times to the modern world and how to implement the basic skills required for the effective study of History.

Students develop historical knowledge, with the aim of stimulating students' interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past.

The course is aimed at ensuring that the study of History equips students with the ability to understand and evaluate the political, cultural and social events and issues that have shaped the world around them.


In Geography students study with the aim of stimulating their enjoyment and interest in the interaction of their environments. Particular emphasis is placed on how humans change, adapt and affect the natural environments that we live amongst.

Students develop geographic knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes and engage in the community as informed and active citizens. The course is aimed at ensuring that students develop responsible attitudes to the people, cultures and environments with a commitment to a ‘just society', informed and active citizenship plus a connection to lifelong learning.

In addition, students in years 9-12 can access a range of specialised subjects including:

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern and Ancient History
  • Commerce

To discuss these options please contact the Head Teacher HSIE, Mr. Cameron Sutton.

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