Current News

The HSIE faculty has been engaged in a number of interesting activities this term; here is a sample of some of the class activities that are currently in the pipeline as the newsletter goes to press.


Year 8 Geography White with Mr Drabsch are studying Threatened Habitats. 8 GEOW have taken on a group project to create a news or current affairs report about the issue of logging and palm-oil plantations, which is threatening the habitat of the orang-utan. The students were asked to develop a script which contains some key individuals. Their reports must contain the views of an environmental campaigner, a representative from the palm oil company and the students are also required to offer a sustainable solution in their news reports.


It is with the tremendous help and resources of the library that 8GEOW have been working on their scripts and have started filming their news reports. Watch this space - the early signs are that these news reports are in line for a few Walkley awards. Austin Baugus reporting from Can-ber-ra…


Year 9G3 with Mr Bosco along with his practicum student, Miss Luff, recently created Remembrance Day posters for the important recognition of the 11 November. There was particular emphasis on Prisoners of War and the experiences of Australian POWs in Japan during WWII.  Paea Taani of Year 9 was heard to say that he did not realise how tough and staunch the ‘diggers' actually were and that he would not mess with them.


Year 12 Business Studies students, with Mr Cohen, are currently studying Marketing with a backdrop of Qantas as a case study. With the recent industrial relations issues in the Australian airline industry, the students have been inspired to set up their own airline. Jordan French has decided to name his airline Pleasure Flights, and word is that Richard Branson has already called him to discuss the possibilities of a potential merger.


Over in Society and Culture with Miss Bezzant the students have been beavering away at their Personal Interest Projects which are a major piece of research that encourages students to research any topic and conduct first hand research whilst in Year 12. At this stage the topics are still in the developmental stage. This class recently ventured out on a PIP research information day to hear from the Society and Culture Association, which is the best way to tackle this project, the most demanding research work for any Year 12 student.


Cameron Sutton

Head Teacher HSIE