Current News

2011 is continuing to be an amazing year in the PHDPE faculty with many students being active participants in class.


Year 7 are looking at the ‘Joys of Growing Up', Year 8 are completing a unit of work on introducing them to ‘The Hazards of Drugs', including tobacco, cannabis and alcohol.  Year 9 are deconstructing social behaviour and studying appropriate means of ‘Interacting with those around them'.  Year 10 are also studying a most useful topic called ‘Stress Less'.  Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) and senior PDHPE students are similarly working very hard.


A concern, however, is PE uniform.  Students need to ensure that they bring their PE gear on their designated PE practicum lessons.  Failure to do so leads to detentions and may lead to Warning of Suspension for continued disobedient behaviour and not completing course outcomes.


On a positive note, please discuss the above units with your children.  Students recalling what they have learnt is the best way for students to cement in their minds what they are learning at school.  You would agree also that their units of work are also very relevant and could be used as a point of discussion at home as well.


S Kapsimalis

HT Teacher Teaching & Learning