Homework and Assessment Policy

Homework Policy

Each night students should revise the work done in class and ask their teacher for help if they do not understand any of the concepts or ideas from class. They should then complete any formal pieces that are set.

If students do not complete their homework, they will be required to spend part of their lunch break catching up on the work they have missed.

The homework project, set each semester, is an important component of the assessment of the outcomes of the course.

Assessment Information - Stage 4

The semester one and semester two reports will be based on the following assessment tasks:      

    40% Examination

    20% Science Skills

    40% Research Project

The Research Project may require the students to use scientific method to solve an experimental problem.  A Research Diary is kept and handed in with the report.

*Please note, the information contained on these pages is subject to change. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the content is updated and correct we recommend you consult the Head Teacher of each faculty to ensure up to date and accurate information.