Technology and Applied Studies

'Technology and Applied Studies' gives students an appreciation of design/design processes and an understanding of how humankind uses technologies to develop creative and innovative solutions to real problems.


Students learn about technology by undertaking design projects in the areas of built environments, products and information/communications. They explore a range of materials and use a variety of tools, techniques and equipment to shape, form and join these materials.


Throughout the course students research the work of designers and the impact advances in technology has on society and the environment. In doing so, they gain an understanding of the factors that influence design, including function and aesthetics.


Technology education in Years 7 & 8 is based on a consideration of all factors of design, where students identify needs, apply theory and use processes to develop and produce solutions. Being innovative and creative helps students further develop a fascination with, and enjoyment of, core design processes and technological applications.


Technology Mandatory is the foundation course for a range of elective courses in the Technology learning area. Such as:

  • Information and Software Technology,
  • Industrial Technology
  • Design and Technology
  • Food Technology


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Learning Expectations

Homework Policy

Stage 4 Content (Yr. 7 & 8)

Stage 5 Content (Yr. 9 & 10)

Stage 6 Content (Yr. 11 & 12)


Head Teacher:  Mr D Topping

Mr P Herd

Ms B Prasad