Current News

Already a term has passed and work in all areas is progressing well.

The Years 7 and 8 Mandatory Technology classes are working very well and are producing some excellent work in all areas. Some of you will have already seen some projects come home, others will have heard how tasty it was.

Industrial Technology – Timber classes are progressing well under the guidance of Mr Benazic and are nearing the completion of their first project for the year.  Keep your eyes out for students carrying their projects home soon.

Food Technology classes in all years are cooking up a storm. I have personally tasted many different dishes from the students' cooking practicals and remain impressed as always with the skill and enthusiasm displayed by students of JJCMHS.

Industrial Technology Metal is getting into its stride. With the purchase of new equipment and the improvements in facilities, the students will be soon bringing home their first project for the year. The girls, led by Paige and Claudia Bell, are showing the boys how it is done.

Information and Software Technology classes are working well, with Year 9 making good use of their laptops at home to complete course work and will soon begin work on their personal websites.

Industrial Technology Multimedia is making an excellent start to the year led by the enthusiasm of Mr Herd. They are currently working on putting together a short film of the cross country carnival from footage recorded by the students and Mr Herd.  

Years 11 and 12 Industrial Technology Timber and Furnishing classes are running well.  Year 12 have made a good start on their major projects, coming in early before school and making advances. They and Mr Herd are to be congratulated on their efforts and it is hoped that they will maintain this for the duration of their studies.

Mrs Giacca and her Year 12 Design and Technology are well into the Design/Folio development stage and the manufacture of six very different ideas will soon commence.

It has been a fantastic start to the year and the TAS team is looking forward to the challenging time ahead as we continue to strive to deliver rich and valuable educational experiences for your children.

David Topping

Head Teacher, TAS