Referencing Guide

When researching for an assignment, it's important to acknowledge the textbook, website or any other source from where you found your information. This is known as "citing" or "referencing". If you reference your work, then people who read it later and might like to find out more about that particular point you just made can do so by following your reference. Also, by acknowledging that you got the idea from somewhere else, you save yourself (most of the time) from plagiarism, which is taken very seriously in academic writing – in some extreme cases of plagiarism, the perpetrator may serve time in prison with a large fine!

Therefore, at the end of each assignment you submit that involved research you need to write a reference list.

There are many different ways to write references but we have decided to follow Harvard Referencing system. Below is a very simple guide to get you started. If you would like more information go to

The reference list:

All in-text citations should be listed in the reference list at the end of your document in alphabetical order.