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Last updated 2:41 PM on 19 July 2017

It is hard to believe that term two is already at an end. The year goes quickly when you are busy and life at J J Cahill MHS is always very busy. 

During terms three and four this year, the school will look at evidence to evaluate its achievement towards the strategic directions from the last three years. If you are not aware of the school's strategic plan 2015-2017, you can read this by going to the school's website.

During this time we will also give deep consideration and thought about what we will focus on for the next three years. We will do this in consultation and collaboration with the whole school community, which includes school staff, students, parents and the broader community.

In order to give focus to decision making about the school's strategic directions and strategies, we need to understand the purpose of our school and the specific needs of our students and community.

First and foremost, the students are at the centre of any decision we make. We must ensure that all students receive a quality education, one that raises their awareness of career possibilities, shows them what they need to do to achieve their goals and gives them every opportunity to succeed. 

Education is of course about more than just passing tests. It should build values, such as strength of character, belief in self and awareness of and compassion for others.

Since arriving at JJCahill MHS I have met with parents, students, staff and the broader community. During these meetings I have begun to get to know the school community and asked them to reflect upon three things;

1. Things that are really working in the school.

2. Things that are a concern or we can do better

3. Things I should be made aware of as Principal

I will communicate the common themes gleaned from this data to the school community at the end of the year. I will also use it to partly inform the schools strategic goals for 2018.

I look forward to meeting with all parents this year and collaborating with the whole school community to develop an informed school plan that improves our students' learning engagement and success into the future.

Thank You

Ralph David


                            Ralph David