Our school

J.J. Cahill Memorial High School is a caring and friendly comprehensive school, with strong and vibrant links with parents and the wider community. The safe and nurturing atmosphere of the school fosters a high standard of self discipline and respect for others.

Our highly qualified teaching and support staff provide flexible programs tailored to the individual needs of students. Our personalised approach to education ensures that each student is valued and has the opportunity to be a successful learner.
Students at J.J. Cahill Memorial High School achieve academic excellence. Their learning is enriched by a diverse range of subjects including vocational pathways as well as extra-curricular activities such as sport, music, chess, public speaking and dance.

Our school is well resourced and provides students with access to the most innovative technologies to enhance their learning. A modern computer lab as well as interactive classrooms ensure that each student is equipped with the skills necessary for further education and employment in the 21st century.

J J Cahill Memorial High School has a new Principal

Ralph DAVID Principal JJCMHS


Hello and welcome to the J J Cahill Memorial High School website. My name is Ralph DAVID and I am excited to have the privilege to lead this positive, caring, school community.

I took up this position on the 27th of January 2017 and have been amazed at the high levels of skill, knowledge and commitment of teaching staff and the focus of ALL staff in seeing students at the centre of learning.

I surveyed staff on the first day of school to understand what they desired most in their Principal. This survey provided insight into what the staff at J J Cahill MHS valued most about their school. The answers were uplifting and inspiring.

Someone who involves themselves in the daily life of the school and builds relationships with staff, students and parents.

Someone who is visible around the school so that students can build a relationship and mutual respect with the Principal

Someone who takes a genuine interest in the students including having consistent high standards for behaviour and learning

Someone with clear goals that drive actions - shared with the school community

Someone who works with the whole school community and excites people about the school

Someone open to change – who is able to look at things differently and initiate change rather than sticking to processes because "that's how we've always done things in the past"

Someone fair that children admire and look up to and have faith in. Someone kind and considerate to all students, staff and the community

Someone that understands that teaching and learning is the reason we are here! The leader should be aware of what is happening in classrooms

Someone who supports and encourages inclusive education through skilling staff and providing opportunities for students

Someone who works with parents - welcomes them into the school, puts them at ease and talks with them not at them.

I am fully committed to these expectations and feel positive that staff would highlight these as their values.

J J Cahill has a strong sense of community with generations of families attending the school. I look forward to getting to know you all in the coming year.


Thank You

Ralph David