Student Representative Council

J.j. cahill student representative council (SRC)

At J.J. Cahill Memorial High School students are given a voice through the SRC. Students from each year group are selected by their peers to be part of this leadership team.

The SRC meets regularly, and students are involved in the coordination of committees, assemblies and other leadership responsibilities.


Did you know that if you have concerns about any issue – big or small – you can approach an SRC member?  We can help you or help you find someone who can help you, so don't be shy! 


The SRC have members on various committees, including uniform, canteen and `zone'. The zone meetings are where we discuss SRC business with other schools in the region, thus enabling us to share ideas. Year meetings are a perfect place for students to contact their SRC representative.


To find out the SRC representative in your year group contact the SRC coordinator Ms. Trudy Gorman.


For more information on the role of the SRC in our school click here